We wish you a very warm welcome and are very glad you chose to spend your welldeserved vacation with us. Please see your housekeepers if you have any questions or needs.We will be more than happy to assist you and make sure your stay with us is pleasant. Please take your time to read our House Rules below.

  • Check in time is 2 pm
  • Check out time is 10 am
  • Stay after check out time will be charged 50% of the full daily rate
  • Please advise your housekeepers 24 hours prior to your departures
  • Before you leave,please make sure all trash is packed in plastic bags and disposed off in the trash container located in the back of the building.Also,please clean and put away all used dishes and make sure all the bedding is removed.This will help us serve guests that are ready to check in on the day of your departure.
  • Please take care of all your check out expenses one day before departure
  • If you chose to use stereo equipment,or Television,please be considerate of other guests in the house.
  • Pets are not allowed,unless prior arrangements with the housekeepers or the travel agency have been made and confirmed
  • Please make sure to report all damage that might have occurred during your stay,since this will be estimated and charged to your account prior to your departure
  • Please leave your suite keys with your housekeepers before your departure
  • When using air-conditioning unit,please keep all windows and doors closed

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We hope you have a nice and pleasant stay. Come and see us again,or tell your family and friends about us. Please write us your impressions and comments because everything is welcome.

Commetted to excellence,

Sincerely yours

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